Strongs Word Description
H21 אֲבִי Abiy (ab-ee') n/p. 1. fatherly 2. Abi, Hezekiah's mother [from H1] KJV: Abi. Root(s): H1
H22 אֲבִיאֵל Abiy'el (ab-ee-ale') n/p. 1. father (i.e. possessor) of God 2. Abiel, the name of two Israelites [from H1 and H410] KJV: Abiel. Root(s): H1, H410
H23 אֲבִיאָסָף Abiy'acaph (ab-ee-aw-sawf') n/p. 1. father of gathering (i.e. gatherer) 2. Abiasaph, an Israelite [from H1 and H622] KJV: Abiasaph. Root(s): H1, H622
H24 אָבִיבּ abiyb (aw-beeb') n-m. 1. green, i.e. a young ear of grain 2. (hence) the name of the month Abib or Nisan [from an unused root (meaning to be tender)] KJV: Abib, ear, green ears of corn (not maize).
H25 אֲבִי Abiy Gib`own (ab-ee' ghib-one') n/p. 1. father (i.e. founder) of Gibon 2. Abi-Gibon, perhaps an Israelite [from H1 and H1391] KJV: father of Gibeon. Root(s): H1, H1391
H26 אֲבִיגַּיִל Abiygayil (ab-ee-gah'-yil) (or shorter Abiygal {ab-ee-gal'}) n/p. 1. father (i.e. source) of joy 2. Abigail or Abigal, the name of two Israelitesses [from H1 and H1524] KJV: Abigal. Root(s): H1, H1524
H27 אֲבִידָּן Abiydan (ab-ee-dawn') n/p. 1. father of judgment (i.e. judge) 2. Abidan, an Israelite [from H1 and H1777] KJV: Abidan. Root(s): H1, H1777
H28 אֲבִידָּע Abiyda` (ab-ee-daw') n/p. 1. father of knowledge (i.e. knowing) 2. Abida, a son of Abraham by Keturah [from H1 and H3045] KJV: Abida, Abidah. Root(s): H1, H3045
H29 אֲבִיָה Abiyah (ab-ee-yaw') (or prolonged Abiyahuw {ab-ee-yaw'-hoo}) n/p. 1. father (i.e. worshipper) of Jah 2. Abijah, the name of several Israelite men and two Israelitesses [from H1 and H3050] KJV: Abiah, Abijah. Root(s): H1, H3050
H30 אֲבִיהוּא Abiyhuw' (ab-ee-hoo') n/p. 1. father (i.e. worshipper) of Him (i.e. God) 2. Abihu, a son of Aaron [from H1 and H1931] KJV: Abihu. Root(s): H1, H1931