Strongs Word Description
H41 אֲבִינָדָב Abiynadab (ab-ee-naw-dawb') n/p. 1. father of generosity (i.e. liberal) 2. Abinadab, the name of four Israelites [from H1 and H5068] KJV: Abinadab. Root(s): H1, H5068
H42 אֲבִינוֹעַם Abiyno`am (ab-ee-no'-am) n/p. 1. father of pleasantness (i.e. gracious) 2. Abinoam, an Israelite [from H1 and H5278] KJV: Abinoam. Root(s): H1, H5278
H43 אֶביָסָף Ebyacaph (eb-yaw-sawf') n/p. 1. Ebjasaph, an Israelite [contracted from H23] KJV: Ebiasaph. Root(s): H23
H44 אֲבִיעֶזֶר Abiy`ezer (ab-ee-ay'-zer) n/p. 1. father of help (i.e. helpful) 2. Abiezer, the name of two Israelites [from H1 and H5829] KJV: Abiezer. Root(s): H1, H5829
H45 אֲבִי Abiy-`albown (ab-ee-al-bone') n/p. 1. probably, father of strength (i.e. valiant) 2. Abialbon, an Israelite [from H1 and and an unused root of uncertain. derivation] KJV: Abialbon. Root(s): H1
H46 אָבִיר abiyr (aw-beer') adj. 1. mighty (spoken of God) [from H82] KJV: mighty (one). Root(s): H82
H47 אַבִּיר abbiyr (ab-beer') adj. 1. mighty (spoken of created beings [from H46] KJV: angel, bull, chiefest, mighty (one), stout(-hearted), strong (one), valiant. Root(s): H46
H48 אֲבִירָם Abiyram (ab-ee-rawm') n/p. 1. father of height (i.e. lofty) 2. Abiram, the name of two Israelites [from H1 and H7311] KJV: Abiram. Root(s): H1, H7311
H49 אֲבִישַׁג Abiyshag (ab-ee-shag') n/p. 1. father of error (i.e. blundering) 2. Abishag, a concubine of David [from H1 and H7686] KJV: Abishag. Root(s): H1, H7686
H50 אֲבִישׁוַּע Abiyshuwae (ab-ee-shoo'-ah) n/p. 1. father of plenty (i.e. prosperous) 2. Abishua, the name of two Israelites [from H1 and H7771] KJV: Abishua. Root(s): H1, H7771