Pinterest Mobile Phone

I've been established on Pinterest for more than a few years now. I pin regularly. I'm careful to follow all the rules. Anyway, one day I was posting a pin in Chinese. And, I could no longer link the URL to my website. At first, I thought it was just that pin. But, after further investigation, all pins (URLs) no longer resolved to my website.

I did contact Pinterest on the same day. And the next day I got this reply.

"Sorry that your website was blocked. Occasionally good sites get caught in the mix when we're looking for spam. I have removed your site from our blocklist."

While I admire Pinterest for doing the right thing, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with Pinterest. I don't want to put all this work into Pinterest if they are looking for every opportunity to ban my website.

Will history repeat? It certainly is possible. In 2015, my Google developer account was banned permanently. I had three Bibles on Google Play. And, I accumulated over 40,000+ downloads. After attempting to log in one day, I found out that they deleted my account without any reason.

I'll leave you with this question. If the Bible was just a fairy tale, why are social media platforms trying so hard to censor it?