Speech recognition (speech to text) is now live. This allows the user to navigate the entire Bible using their voice only.

Supported Operating Systems:
Apple iOS

Supported Browsers:
Google Chrome

Say, "1st John" or "1 John" to go to the The First Epistle of John chapter 1.
Say, "justice" to do a keyword \ verse search.
Say, "John 3 16" to go to John chapter 3 verse 16.

Abbreviations can also be used:
Say, "Rev" to go to Revelation chapter 1.
Say, "Rev 22" to go to Revelation 22.
Say, "Song 8" to go to Song of Solomon chapter 8.
Say, "G 50" to go to Genesis chapter 50.

Voice Command List
  • "Audio"
  • "Atlas"
  • "Donate"
  • "Dictionary"
  • "Koine"
  • "Lexicon"
  • "Old Testament"
  • "New Testament"
  • "Plans"
  • "Verse of the day"