In case you haven't noticed the revamped series of Bibles have been released on Apple Books. The first Bible (King James Bible, Pure Cambridge Edition) that I ever published on Apple Books was released on November 1st, 2014. This was created because around that time, Local Church Bible Publishers stopped making the physical Pure Cambridge Edition Bibles.

This led to some confusion, because many people tried to order what they thought was the PCE (standard text) from other publishers and got something that didn’t quite match up (SEE: How to identify the PCE...)

Hence, the best follow-up action for me to take (without creating a lot of overhead cost) was to make a digital copy available to everyone.

While, originally published on Google Books for FREE, Google censored the book (and many other ones that I created) and deleted my development account without warning. All development was later transitioned to Apple Books.

On most Apple Books, we do charge 0.99 cents per book because a lot of time has been put into the development of these books. We urge you to compare them with similar books on Apple Books because I think you'll find them superior to other Bibles in terms of design and navigation!

Premium digital Bibles include: King James Bible, PCE revamped, Reader's Edition revamped, 1611 Edition and Black Letter Edition.

A FREE option is always available to our Christian brothers and sisters. Matthew 10:5-8 says, "...freely ye have received, freely give." Download a FREE copy of our Bible in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese on Apple Books now.

Also, please consider donating if you're in a position to do so. It will help offset our costs. Thank you!


PS: Did I tell you I've been designing a Dyslexia-Friendly Bible? Check it out, and tell me what you think! Your feedback is very important to me...